Music Produced by Me

My Types Of Sound

Columbus Type Beat

This is considered a “Columbus type beat”, which usually consists of a sampled folk music that contain a chopped sample of a singer or instrument. Columbus and flint and flint beats are very similar, it comes down to the choice of sample and the speed or beat per measure (bpm), as well as where certain emphasis falls on the drums. I feel like flint beats are typically faster than a Columbus type beat. Columbus artist include LilTae2, TSE Vic. Here are a few examples;

Flint Type Beat

Sounds that are heard with Flint beats include: Bass moog, bell, etc. Flint beats usually are 200+ BPM, being the most agrressive of the Michigan type music. Flint artist include RioDayYungOG, AK Bandamont. Here are a few examples;

Detroit Type Beat

Detroit type beats are very versatile, and can range from bpms of 170-200+. Sounds in Detroit beat consist of the same sounds of Flint, just a little more “relaxed” for a lack of better words. Detroit artist include Babytron, BabySmoove. Here are a few examples;

Milwaukee Type Beat

Milwaukee type beats are distinct for their constant clap which gives a sense of club music. Other sounds heard include the “aghhh” effect, cowbells/bells, bass moog, etc. Milwaukee artist include Certified Trapper, Brudderman, Ayollii. Here are a few examples;

Rage Type Beat

Rage beats are known for their upbeat synth chords, and are related to P&B type beats. These beats are an energetic genre of trap beats. Rage artists include Yeat, Playboi Carti, Summrs, Autumn, Young Nudy, Pierre Borne. Here are a few examples;