I major in journalism at Drake University in Des Moines. Some hobbies of include photography, writing, and music. After my studies, I want to apply my knowledge of these topics to report on events for media outlets, and or possibly helping with audio and or photography.

I currently work at Iowa Radio Reading Information Service for the blind and handicapped.

I participated in Iowa Allstate for violin from 2018-2019. I have been playing since I was 4.

I post my favorite pictures on Instagram. You can find my music on Youtube. For business inquiries I would love to talk via Instagram or LinkedIn direct message.

You can find me at,








Skills: global and intercultural understanding, communication and collaboration, photography, violin and audio production



George Washington High School                 2020

High School Diploma 

Drake University             2020-present

Multimedia Journalism

Expected year of graduation: May 2024



Orchestra, Coe College          2016-2020

Vice president, George Washington High School class of 2020

Preucil School of Music

Zeppelins Bar and Grill

Fareway Grocery 

Orchestra, Drake University     2020-present

Chess Club, Drake University

Weekend assistant, Iowa Radio Information Services for the blind and handicapped



Allstate Violin       2017-2019

Dean’s List Drake University                 2021


Fun Facts About Me

  • My favorite movies are Rush Hour 1 and Star Wars 6.
  • My favorite color is red or black.
  • My favorite food is chicken with sesame sauce or lasagna that’s a hard one
  • My favorite orchestra experience was getting to travel with friends during Allstate or performing Star Wars Suites in the Drake orchestra.
  • Working with words>numbers. 😉

Personal Code of Ethics

Having an ethical code is helpful for situations that don’t offer an immediate solution, a reference point, or  a “word of advice”. 

An ethical code has the benefit of helping me keep true to myself. For me, a personal code helps when I have to make a tough decision. It is a guide for difficult moral dilemmas. 

“Keep true to myself”, means sometimes we can be put into positions when professional and personal life conflict. Perhaps you are asked to carry out a task that could potentially hurt people, or are asked to cover something that might personally affect me as a reporter, how do I deal with ethical problems that might be more on the subliminal side?

I first analyze my position on a certain matter, to highlight potential bias in judgment I might hold. I feel like every time information is processed we form a certain opinion about it. It would be good to keep track of these feelings that come along, recording this information. 

We can grab feedback from peers about topics of bias and that moves me to my second step in my code, which is open dialogue that is friendly and encourages discourse. I want to be fair. Stay true to myself, independent of an outside source but based in honest fact. Open to sharing work to those willing to listen, knowing I am proud and 100% confident to stand behind. This is the minimum I want to do, all of this should be done in a professionally courteous and genuine manner.

I can apply these beliefs into my work by practicing diligence and keeping a record of bias related to topics. Treat all that I interact with equal respect and an open mind.